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SwissLane Automatic Milking Facility

What really sets this location of our farm apart from the rest is that the cows are not milked by people, but by robots!

Each group of cows has access to a robotic milker all day and all night, every single day of the year. This allows them to choose when and how many times they want to be milked. Most of them get milked 3 or 4 times each day. Add the robot farm to your tour to see a robotic milker in action!

The milkers are not the only robots on this farm. We also have robots that push the feed up to the cows. As the cows eat, their feed gets pushed out of their reach, and the robot drives by and pushes the feed up close to the cows again.

Bonus! The Robot Farm is also where our birthing area is. You might get to see a calf being born during the tour.